2811, 2019

Press release: EU Consensus Broken

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EU Consensus Broken as 225 MEPs Vote Against 'Climate Emergency' In a significant moment in the history of the European Parliament, a third of MEPs today voted against attempts to exaggerate the impact of global warming. The European Climate Realist Network (ECRN) welcomes the votes of 225 MEPs, who this morning rejected the motion by green parties to declare a climate emergency, a [...]

2711, 2019

Press release: ECRN Call On MEPs

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European Groups Call On MEPs To Reject ‘Climate Emergency’ Vote A group of European organisations is calling on MEPs to reject a motion to announce a ‘climate emergency’ when the European Parliament votes on it tomorrow. The European Climate Realist Network (ECRN) is concerned that unjustified panic and alarm could pressure MEPs into supporting costly policies that will hurt European families, businesses and [...]

1810, 2019

European Climate Declaration

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There is no climate emergency, say 750 experts A new, high-level global network of 750 prominent climate scientists and professionals has submitted a declaration that there is no “climate emergency”. The group has sent the Declaration with a registered letter to António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations. This action has received overwhelming response from all over the world. The group’s [...]

2703, 2019

Climate Realist “Forum for Democracy” to become the largest party in Dutch Senate

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Party leaders after the election debate, in the center Thierry Baudet, the then still unsuspected winner of the elections. Source: Reformatorisch Dagblad, ANP; photo Bart Maat Die hard climate sceptic campaign brings victory to Thierry Baudet After a solid campaign based on criticising (in that order!) the useless expenditures on climate policies, uncontrolled immigration, and continuing loss of sovereignty to [...]