Introducing the ICSF:

The Irish Climate Science Forum (ICSF) was founded in 2016 and is composed of Irish scientists, engineers and other professions.

The ICSF is committed to identifying and disseminating the latest climate science. Its members are characterized by an open and enquiring mind on climate science, driven by the imperative of objectivity without any vested interests.

The ICSF seeks a sustainable future for Ireland and its people. It aims to better inform national energy and climate-related policymaking in the best long-term national interest. It therefore arranges lectures and engages in relevant public consultations.

ICSF is modestly self-funded through member contributions only.

ICSF and Climate Science:

ICSF members are convinced that climate science is not yet settled and continues to evolve almost on a daily basis.

Most agree that recent research and observations indicate significantly lower climate sensitivity, that is, significantly less global temperature rise due to increasing GHG (Green-House Gas) levels than was predicted by IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) in its Assessment Reports.

Many also agree that there are solar-related and other natural influences on earth’s climate, and suggest that the relative magnitudes of these influences may be comparable to or possibly even greater than those of GHG.

On balance, ICSF members consider that observed climate variability is caused by some combination of low-sensitivity GHG and solar/natural influences, where the relative contributions of these are still open to ongoing observation and research.

Under either scenario, ICSF members do not foresee a planetary climate emergency. They advocate progressive short/medium term climate/energy policies based on prudent energy efficiency and conservation, with continued economic growth, competitiveness and environmental sustainability as overarching objectives. Longer term policies should be based on evolving climate science and observations.

For more details, see our website You may contact us via An ICSF Overview of the Latest Climate Science for Policymakers may be downloaded here.

Jim O’Brien, Chair, ICSF.