Past activities

November 22-23 (2019)

The German Climate Realist “European Institute for Climate and Energy” invites you for:
The 13th International Climate & Energy conference
(in German and English, simultaneously translated to the other language)

Location: München Ost Conference Center
Date: Friday November 22nd and Saturday November 23d; 9:00h till 18:45h

See Invitation
See Program

Dr. Holger Thuß
James Taylor
Dr. Benny Peiser
Prof. Dr. Helmut Alt
Prof. Dr. Peter Ridd – via Skype
Dr. Michael Schnell
Prof. Dr. Nicola Scafetta
Dr. Susan Crockford
Myron Ebell
Prof. em. Dr. Christian Schlüchter
Prof. Dr. Henrik Svensmark
Prof. Dr. Nir Shaviv
Dipl.-Ing. Michael Limburg
Dr. Sebastian Lüning
Prof. Dr. Horst Lüdecke
Dr. Lutz Niemann
Dr. rer. nat. Götz Ruprecht
Günter Ederer
Wolfgang Müller


October 18-19  (2019)

The Norwegian Climate Realists celebrate their 10th anniversary, in cooperation with Stockholmsinitiativet (Sweden) and Klimarealisme (Denmark),  with a two day conference (in English):

“Natural variability and tolerance”
a.o. Peter Ridd on the Great Barrier Reef

Location: Oslo Kongressenter Folkets hus, Norway
Friday October 18, 12:00 till Saturday 19, 17:00
Program: see poster below

Other speakers:
Nils-Axel Mörner
Ronan Conolly
Ole Humlum
Frank Lansner
Torbjörn Fagerström 
Karl Iver Dahl Madsen
Jan Erik Solheim
Harald Yndestad
Karl Inne Ugland
Morten Jodal

The conference is open for everyone, and especially climate realists from all of Europe. We hope to fill the conference room with 180 participants.
The conference will mark the ten years formal existence of the Climate Realists in Norway.

The program of the conference is nearly fixed, as given in the attached poster. We might add two more lectures ( Part 3), on the fate of oil, gas and plastic in marine waters. Do they really threaten the life in salty waters?

So far, we have not spread the lectures for the two days. We will update the program during late summer.

Registration is done by paying the conference fee (138 Euro), to our banc account. We would as well like everyone to participate on the festive dinner Friday evening (add another 64 Euro). When paying, please give us the email address of every participant. If this can not be done when paying, please send an email to: [email protected].

More information can be obtained from Morten Jødal, chairman of the Climate Realists in Norway: [email protected]

Every participant has to find his or her accommodation. The following hotels have reasonable prices: Comfort Hotel Xpress, P Hotel Oslo, Park Inn by Radisson Oslo, Saga Hotel Oslo Centre, Smarthotel Oslo, Thon Hotel Astona, Thon Hotel Cecil, Thon Hotel Europe. There are as well many others.

May 14  (2019)  18:30 o’clock

The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) Bundestagsfraktion annouces:

Climate symposium in Deutsche Bundestag 
Location Berlin: Marie Elisabeth Lüders Haus Room 3.101, begin 18:30 o’clock
With prominent speakers:
Lord Christopher Monckton      “The elementary error of physics that drove concern about global warming” 
Henrik Svensmark       “Connection between cosmic rays, clouds and climate”
Thomas Wysmuller       “The fall of IPCC sea-level rise”
Gernot Patzelt:      “The climate in the alp region for the last 10.000 years“ „Gletscher als Klimazeugen – Die letzten zehntausend Jahre!“

May 9  (2019)  7.30 pm – 10.30 pm

“Stichting Milieu, Wetenschap & Beleid” and  “De Groene Rekenkamer” are pleased to invite you to:
The Disconnect between CO2 and World Sea-Level Trends
By Thomas Wysmuller

Tom Wijsmuller was born into the famous Wijsmuller Zeesleeper family, and briefly sailed on Wijsmuller Tugs as a youth.Moving with his family to the United States, he studied Meteorology -even working briefly with the KNMI as a summertime replacement meteorologist for vacationing staff members.
He was appointed to a NASA executive intern position and served with the agency before, during, and after the Moon Landings. He still retains some connections with NASA and is trying to persuade the agency to build a fleet of “Space Tugs” to ferry men and materials between Low Earth Orbit, the Moon, and Earth-Sun L2, where the Webb Space Telescope will be positioned.
Over the years he has lectured at UvA, Delft TU, and chaired “Water Day” at UNESCO’s IHE. He lectures on climate and Sea-Level matters all over the US and the world, recently having chaired the Oceanography Section of the massive World Congress on Oceansin Qingdao, China.
Tonight Tom will speak on “TheDisconnect Between CO2 and World Sea-Level Trends” using charts, graphics, and long term verified and validated data to drive his points home.
His webpages: can be accessed for more information, especially the Media pages which contain many of his presentations.

May 9  (2019)  6pm

The Irish Climate Science Forum (ICSF,
Invites you to its Eleventh Lecture on
”Promoting Truth in Climate Science”
by Dr John R Christy

At the Sandymount Hotel (near the Aviva Stadium), Dublin 4
On Thursday, May 9, 2019, at 6.00pm
(Commencing with tea/coffee at 5.30pm)
RSVP to [email protected]

Dr Christy will show that global temperature measurements of the deep atmosphere significantly diverge from those of the IPCC models. It is in this deep
layer where the “human fingerprint” of warming should be evident most clearly and quickly. That such simple tests, demanded by the Scientific Method, are ignored within most scientific, media and political circles is remarkable. Dr Christy will then comment on some of the latest political and legal developments in climate policy in the US. He will also show that increasing CO2 levels are beneficial as the world moves forward to eradicate poverty, also enhancing and lengthening human life. He will conclude with comments on the IPCC process and offer suggestions on ways to allow adversarial analysis to be employed when such massive climate‐based societal changes are being considered, as they are today, without proper cross‐examination.

May 6  (2019)  7pm – 10pm

L’Association des climato-réalistes a le plaisir de vous convier à une soirée exceptionnelle sur le climat avec :

Laurent Alexandre, chirurgien et entrepreneur:
« La peur climatique : cheval de Troie contre le progrès et trou noir de la démocratie »

John Christy, climatologue spécialiste des mesures de température par satellite:
« Confronter au réel les affirmations sur le climat »  (In English with translation)

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