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Introduced the World Climate Declaration, which was signed by over 800 scientists in 34 countries, amongst them a Nobel Prize laureate, and the Magna Carta Universitatum 2020, a behavioural code for academic leaders to ensure diversity of opinions in the academic world.

Operational since 2009, has been the center of the Dutch climate realist movement, welcoming all views and opinions both in blogs and in comments.

There are only a few dozen posts originally written in English, but the site has a translation option in 5 European languages (top right sidebar and bottom left sidebar).

With at least one blog per day, from over 20 authors, and usually between 10.000 and 60.000 views per day, the impact of has been significant, at least if we can believe our opponents: almost every year we are visited by a research group of some university trying to understand what makes sceptics tick, and how it is possible for sensible people to deny real climate science and contradict 97% of real climate scientists!

Chief editor: Hans Labohm

Since the beginning of this year has a scientific sister: ScienceTalks.
It is in English and facilitates everybody with a new hypothesis about climate science. Not to push those ideas forward, but to have a solid scientific debate abut them. The site is slowly getting there, and contains some astonishing observations already. There is more to come!

The site is independent, and blogs and comments are seriously moderated: the blogs have to have a certain format, be formulated in a scientific way, and the comments have to be on topic and scientific.

Chief editor: Andre Bijkerk

De Groene Rekenkamer

Founded under the name “Heidelberg Appeal Nederland” (HAN), De Groene Rekenkamer (The Green Calculation Board) goes back as a climate realist organisation to 1993.

It recently organised the National De-Greenings Day 2019 with speakers in first a Dutch  part (Theo Wolters, Rob de Vos e.a.), and then moving to international experts in English (Benny Peiser, Richard Tol, Nic Lewis), with a sold out venue of 170 visitors.

Apart from organising conferences, de Groene Rekenkamer finances climate research projects.

Chairman: Cyril Wentzel

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