EIKE (European Institute for Climate and Energy) is an association of a growing number of nature, humanities and economists, engineers, journalists and politicians. EIKE regards the assertion of climate change as solely “man-made” as not scientifically rigorous as it neglects known solar and other natural influences. EIKE, therefore, opposes “climate policy” which is based solely on GHG reduction because of its negative impacts on the economy and the wider population and the consequent tax burden it creates on people, especially those in energy poverty.

Within the framework of its tasks, EIKE offers members and partners a platform for the discussion and publication of scientific findings. EIKE produces appraisals at national and international levels, organizes symposia and congresses. EIKE is the organiser of the annual International Conference on Climate and Energy (ICCE) whose proceedings are also published on the EIKE YouTube Channel.

In addition, EIKE participates in the education and education of the population and supports the establishment of political initiatives by providing scientific expertise.

EIKE was founded in February 2007 and is financed by voluntary contributions from its members as well as donations. The association has been registered with the Jena district court.

While some members of EIKE are active in parties represented in the German Federal Parliament, they commit themselves to non-partisan.
President of the institute is the publisher Dr Holger Thuss from Jena.