Oslo Conference on “Natural Variability and Tolerance”

October 18 – 19; 2019

[0] Presentation of European Climate Declaration

Professor Guus Berkhout, co-founder of CLINTEL

Declaration “There is no climate emergency”, supported by six concise statements

[1] Climate in past and present

[1a] Professor Nils-Axel Mörner

The Gulf Stream division in a northern and a southern branche determine climate in Europe, which is controlled by solar maxima and minima.

[1b] Ronan Connolly

The Arctic seems to alternate between multidecadal periodes of warming and cooling, while the Antarctic tends to have the opposite trend

[1c] Professor Ole Humlum

Natural factors have a dominant control on global temperature

[1d] M. Sc. Ing Frank Lansner

Land temperature data in coastal area’s are severely influenced by the Sea Surface Temperature, and do not reflect the real and present change in land temperature.

[2] The Barents Sea

[2a] Professor Jan-Erik Solheim

Cycles of planetary movements and alignments control climate, and predict cooling in the coming decades. Minimum Arctic ice extend is synchronised with outer planets position.

[2b] Professor Harald Yndestad

Lunar period spectrum analysis shows cycles that strongly correlate with Barents Sea temperatures, and predict a new cold period, with Maunder Minimum properties.

[3] Limits of Tolerance

[3a] Professor Peter Ridd

The Great Barrier Reef is in excellent shape, and is perfectly able to deal with higher temperatures and with the suggested pollution threats from agriculture, as far as there are any.

[3b] Morten Jødal

There is no extinction crisis: biodiversity is increasing, by introduction of species from other regions, and because of new species coming into existence.

[3c] Professor Susan Crockford

Predicted decline in polar bear numbers as a result of summer sea ice drop did not occur, despite much faster sea ice decrease than expected. Polar bear population is thriving.

[4] Research and the Environment

[4] Professor Peter Ridd

The peer-review process is thoroughly corrupted, and makes bad science inevitable.