About The European Climate Realist Network (ECRN)

What are Climate Realists?
Climate realists agree:

  1. That climate changes on all time scales
  2. That it is unknown what percentage of the warming in the past century is due to greenhouse gases.
  3. That there is no a priori reason to assume that the current and expected warming will have negative consequences.
  4. That the IPCC overplays the role of greenhouse gases and underplays the role of other processes, like natural variability and solar or planetary influences.
  5. That climate models still have far too many shortcomings to use them as the major foundation for climate policy.
  6. That current climate policies will probably do more harm than good to society.
  7. That the climate debate has been far too politicized for a long time, and that a much more open scientific debate is badly needed.

What is the European Climate Realist Network (ECRN)?
ECRN is an informal network of independent European climate realist organisations
The ECR-Team manages the ECRN website and facilitates communication between the member organisations

What is the mission of ECRN?
ECRN intends to strengthen the European climate realist movement, and influence climate and energy policy on both national levels and on EU level

What does ECRN do?
It facilitates and improves communication and cooperation between the climate realist organisations, for instance by setting up media like a website and a forum, and by organizing meetings.
On top of that, ECRN can initiate or coordinate actions and campaigns.
ECRN also establishes contacts with climate realist organisations outside Europe

Who can become a member of the ECRN?
ECRN welcomes all organisations as members that see themselves as climate realists and subscribe to the above mentioned statements 1 through 7.
Members do not necessarily have to be a legal entity, but can also be an informal network, or a person or group supporting a website.
Communication between the members through the site is in general not made public, and will only be accessible through the members only section of the website.

What stand is ECRN taking in the climate debate?
Apart from the statements given in [1], ECRN does not take a stand: it is a network, allowing and welcoming a variety of opinions in its member organisations.
This implies that the public section of the ECRN website will stay reticent and prudent on all topics, so specific members will not be associated with opinions that are not commonly shared by all members.

Part of the work of the board and the members may however be aimed at achieving common grounds on certain topics, in order to show them on the public part of the website, or to translate them into action.

The ECR-Team consists out of:

Theo Wolters (webmaster)

Jim O’Brien

Benny Peiser

Benoit Rittaud