European Groups Call On MEPs To Reject ‘Climate Emergency’ Vote

A group of European organisations is calling on MEPs to reject a motion to announce a ‘climate emergency’ when the European Parliament votes on it tomorrow.

The European Climate Realist Network (ECRN) is concerned that unjustified panic and alarm could pressure MEPs into supporting costly policies that will hurt European families, businesses and Europe’s economic stability and competitiveness.

In reality, over the last 30 years the world has warmed far less than predicted by the IPCC and most climate models.

Only last week, a declaration by more than 700 scientists and researchers was presented in the European Parliament, showing that global warming is happening, but is far more gradual and far less detrimental to the wellbeing of people and societies than activists have been claiming.

A rejection of the ‘Climate Emergency’ motion by MEPs would send out a clear message that the European Parliament is no longer willing to follow unilateral virtue signalling. Europe has far more important issues to address.

European Climate Realist Network