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  • Will Solar Minimum Lead To Global Cooling?
    by bennypeiser on 20 July 2019 at 07:57

    Cosmic rays are continuously getting stronger and that could mean Earth should brace itself for a deep solar minimum, scientists have warned. A decade ago, scientists noticed an all-time high in […]

  • Global Energy Demand To Double By 2050
    by bennypeiser on 19 July 2019 at 12:16

    Global power consumption will more than double over the next 30 years. Global oil and gas demand will respectively surge 22% and 66% from 2020 to 2050. There’s an unimaginable urbanization boom […]

Europäisches Institut für Klima & Energie (G)

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Klimatupplysningen (Sw)

  • Öppen Tråd
    by Redaktör Klimat on 20 July 2019 at 06:30

      Det verkar mest bli lätta sommarmoln i helgen. Så njut av semestern! Här är veckans öppen tråd med fria diskussioner om väder, klimat och energi. Trevlig […]

  • Skammen som kom av sig
    by Lena Krantz on 18 July 2019 at 06:03

    Flygskammen höll inte för en dålig sommar. Kanske tänkte många att blir det en lika fin sommar som förra året kan vi ju lika gärna stanna hemma, det blir ju […]

Climategate (NL)

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  • Klimanytt fra USA
    by Geir Aaslid on 14 July 2019 at 19:16

    I dag ser vi på den tiltagende valgkampen i USA og hvordan partene vinkler klimasaken inn i valgkampen. Allerede er klimkrisen sammenlignet med angrepet ved Pearl Harbour i 1941. […]

  • Å dø, eller dø ut
    by Geir Aaslid on 10 July 2019 at 11:04

    Klimarealistenes leder Morten Jødal kritiserer et oppslag i Aftenposten fra første lørdag i juli, der overdrivelsene er enorme, og analysene gale. […]

Klimarealisme (Dk)

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De Staat van het Klimaat (NL)

  • My flagged Tedx talk about climate change
    by Marcel Crok on 10 July 2019 at 19:17

     Recently I gave my first Tedx talk during Tedx Roermond. Roermond is a city in the south of The Netherlands. The experience was quite interesting. The motto of Ted is "ideas worth […]

  • Crowdfunding campaign for an international...
    by Marcel Crok on 3 May 2019 at 10:08

    Today I announce the plans for a very exciting, ambitious new project, that I have been working on for some time: the making of a long international documentary about climate change. The documentary […]

ScienceTalks (NL)

  • On CO2 and the global mean Earth’s surface...
    by Andre Bijkerk on 11 July 2019 at 21:15

    Increase of global mean Earth’s surface temperature due to doubling of CO2 estimated to be marginal. Guest contribution by Frans van den Beemt Abstract The aim of this study is to get an order […]

  • Ice Ages, ‘Unsolving’ the mystery
    by Andre Bijkerk on 2 March 2019 at 22:13

    Refuting the ice volume proxy by system dynamics.   Abstract Oxygen isotope (δ18O) data collected from ocean sediment cores (benthic stacks) are thought to be a proxy for global ice volume […]

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Watts up with that (US)

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  • Week in review – science edition
    by curryja on 12 July 2019 at 22:59

    by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week. Reviews of Geophysics:  Observing and modeling ice sheet surface mass balance [link] Effects of variability in the Atlantic Ocean […]

  • Climate scientists’ pre-traumatic stress...
    by curryja on 8 July 2019 at 20:15

    by Judith Curry It’s getting worse. About 5 years ago, I wrote two blog posts on climate scientists’ pre-traumatic stress syndrome: Pre-traumatic stress syndrome: climate trauma survival […]

No Tricks Zone (G)

Skating Under The Ice (US)

  • A Pacific Penance
    by Willis Eschenbach on 10 June 2019 at 23:58

    Here, one by one, are the twelve posts that tell the story of my most unusual voyage to the Gulf of Siam and back … read them from the top one down, come and join me on an aquatic adventure. […]

  • What Senators Do … And Don’t
    by Willis Eschenbach on 2 June 2019 at 01:11

    I got to thinking about the real job of our elected representatives, which is to pass laws that make our nation better. I wondered … what bills have our Democratic Presidential Candidates […]

Saltbush (Au)

  • Educating Kids to Debate Alarming Climate Claims
    by Admin on 16 July 2019 at 08:33

    Important new project provides videos and short non-technical issue briefs for students By Paul Driessen It’s time to challenge the steady diet of bias, false information and alarmism on […]

  • Climatic Impacts of the Southwest Indian Ocean...
    by Admin on 16 July 2019 at 08:27

    By Wyss Yim The University of Hong Kong Patches of abnormally hot seawater beneath the ocean surface referred to as Blobs are naturally generated by submarine volcanic eruptions. A recent example is […]